Marvel GI Joe Comic Book Covers 13-24

Over the last ten days I worked on my Joe comic cover project.  I finished 12 more covers.


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For some reason, the only Next Generation character that Hasbro made in the Kreo Line was Worf.    My hopes of getting more in future waves disappeared with the announcement that the Star Trek license is shifting over to Mega Bloks.   They are most likely going to make characters in the style of the Halo line.   They are cool, but they won’t fit in with more blocky figures.   So, I ordered a bunch of customs from to fill out the rest of the Enterprise D bridge crew.

photo 2-1
photo 3






The yellow shirt color is different, but I can live with it.   The customs are cool.  The shirt collars  even have the rank pips on them.

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Transformers Kreon set SDCC 2014

I just acquired an unopened Kreo set from last year’s Comic Con.   I  can’t decide if I’m going to open it or not.  Who am I kidding?  Of course I am!   There are 30 figures in the set.  I have earlier versions of about 24 of the characters.  6 are new to this set.   The only ones that I think were better in their original retail release are Bumblebee and Perceptor.

photo 2








photo 1


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Our Lego Batman Adventure: Season 2, Part 5 is up!

Well, it has been awhile…  This school year I made almost 20 videos for my physics classes and that kept me away from Batman.   In the last week I have hidden myself away in the basement to finish the latest installment of the series.  Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday to me…

photo 1 copy 4My wife got me the Avengers Tower for my Birthday.   …and a big outdoor hammock that is hampering my productivity…

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