Our Lego Batman Adventure: Season 2, Part 5 is up!

Well, it has been awhile…  This school year I made almost 20 videos for my physics classes and that kept me away from Batman.   In the last week I have hidden myself away in the basement to finish the latest installment of the series.  Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday to me…

photo 1 copy 4My wife got me the Avengers Tower for my Birthday.   …and a big outdoor hammock that is hampering my productivity…

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Hawkman gets a friend!

HawkpeopleI ordered a second Hawkman on brick link and I got the torso from POP customs.   I used a rotary tool to sand the back of the hair piece enough to get over the attachment point for the wings.   The maces are from Brickforge.   Now I have a complete set of the core members of the animated Justice League Team!

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GI Joe Convention 2015 Kreons

photo 1I didn’t go to the convention, but I was able to snag a set of these on ebay.   People that did attend heard that there will be at least two more waves of figures and 1 more line of box sets for this line.   No images or dates were released yet.

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I am Groot!

photo 3I got this new Groot Big Fig in the mail this weekend.  It is an SY custom from China.  I like it much better than the brick-built one from Lego.

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