New site feature! Minifigure Collection Video Galleries

I got my first Lego minifigure when I was 15. It was a Pirate Captain. My wife had a modest collection of Lego when she was little. Once we got together our collection started to grow. And grow… We have collected almost every line since 1992. We have thousands upon thousands of official minifigures. (Plus all our third party collections and customs) I’ve decided to create a gallery of our minifies. I’m going to try to post a video every week showing a different subset of our collection. For our first offering, I present our collection of Star Wars Bounty Hunters. Enjoy.

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Check out our Lego Room!

This is a video tour of our Lego Workspace in our basement.    We have 26 tall cabinets and 15 small cabinets for storage of loose bricks.  We have 8 book cases for displaying models.  We have 12 working tables for building and filming.   Enjoy!


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Buffalo Sabres Hockey Arena- made from Lego!

I made this video to show off this Arena which my wife made for our son.  This spring he got a bunch of the OYO toys hockey mini figures which he enjoys very much.   The Stadium has 192 fans and a Zamboni!

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Newest Round of Custom Figures

Yup. I’m addicted. I just got a bunch more Lego customs from Poppunkmonkey.

I’m up to 26 of his figures now…

batgirl 2 batgirl1 batgirl 3

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Lego Reproductions of the first 12 Marvel G.I. Joe comic book covers.

I spent the last few days building models and creating these images.   I have the entire original run of 155 Marvel G.I. Joe comics.   I decided to use my collection of G.I Joe Kreons to recreate the covers from those comics.


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