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Brick-a-Brack Studios now has over 400 registered members.    My YouTube channel is well over 7000 subscribers.    I want to keep growing!

I bought a bunch of extra figures on line recently.   At the end of each month I am going to do a lottery to give away some of these extra figures.     The figure for the end of April is going to be the Juggernaut!   This is a DeCool figure, not a Lego figure, but it is fully compatible and awesome!

To get into the lottery you have to like this site on Facebook or follow us on instagram (brickabrackstudios).     If you do both, you will be in the lotto twice.

photo 2 copy 2

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New Toys…

I haven’t had time to post in awhile.  My Science Olympiad Team and First Robotics Team took up a lot of time this winter.   I have been buying new figures and I have cleaned up my workspace in the Lego Room.   I should start making some new content soon.  Anyway- here are some pictures of some recent acquisitions…

photo 4

These are some POP customs.   Mr. Terrific, Captain Atom and Toyman.





photo 3

These are some Chinese Knock-offs.   SY Customs.

Antman, Comic Hawkeye, Daredevil and Beast.





photo 2 copy

This is another SY figure, but I thought he deserved a bigger pic.  Galactus!    Almost as cool as the 18 inch tall brick-built Galactus I made for that short Spiderman film last year.




photo 1 copy 3

The Plastic Man on the left is the one that came with the latest DC lego game from Traveler’s Tales.   The one on the right is an SY customs version using the longer limb molds from the Toy Story characters.   I have a set similar set of Mr. Fantastic figs…




photo 1 copy 2

These are not all new, but the front row is.    Big Figs of Hulk Buster Iron Man, Thing, Juggernaut and Rhino.

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Brick Collectors Issue #8

Cover-232x300After being derailed by life for a couple months, my wife has finally published the 8th issue of her Fan Maganzine, The Brick Collectors.

Check out the newest issue on her site,

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Newest DC Super hero POP customs

newest dc popsThese are my most recent POP custom acquisitions.  The new Black Canary has a double sided head with a “screaming” expression.   I got the Kyle Rayner figure free with my order.

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Another YouTube Milestone!

imagesMy YouTube Channel, Minitrue11, just surpassed 3 million views!  Thanks for watching.  There’s a lot more to come!

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