Our Minifigure Collection: Castle.

My wife and I have always loved the Lego Castle Theme.  In fact, she still has the original yellow castle from when she was a small child.  The Wolfpack renegades fort was the first Lego set I ever bought for myself.   I think our favorite army is the Black Falcons.

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Some Site Upgrades in progress.

Larry LogoI am using my time off due to all this snow to get a bunch of work done on some films and my website.  I am redoing some of the menu categories and making things easier to find.  We are also trying to make it easier to add more content more often.   We are adding sections to share pictures of our collections as well as some of our MOC work.   Be patient as things move around a bit over the next few days.   I hope you enjoy the new layout!

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Two more Chinese Big Figs

photo 1These guys are awesome!  I can’t wait to do some animation with these figures!!

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Lego Batman 3 Game…

photo 2I pre-ordered this game so that I could get the included Plastic Man figure.   The last few days, I have been off of work due to all of the snow in Buffalo.  My daughter and I have been logging several hours of this game each day.   It is a little buggy in two player mode, but it is fun and the humor is great.   Plus, there is a Weeping Angel in the swamp outside the Legion of Doom headquarters!

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Sound Editing Tutorial


I made this video as a companion to an article in the Brick Collectors Magazine.   This video shows a 60 second clip of stop motion five times.  The first time there is no sound.  Next I add a layer of dialogue.  Next I add a layer of sound effects.   Next I add room tone and finally I add music.


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